BYD stands as a testament to innovative automotive engineering and sustainability, and with Caiden Guard's elite range of screen protectors, the brilliance of your BYD’s infotainment system can be preserved for the long run. Specially fashioned for BYD vehicles, our screen protectors encapsulate precision, robust protection, and clarity, mirroring BYD's commitment to quality and forward-thinking.


  • Custom-Cut for BYD: Each of our protectors is precision-cut to align perfectly with specific BYD models, ensuring a flawless fit.
  • Pristine Display: Caiden Guard promises crystal-clear visuals, allowing you to enjoy your BYD infotainment without any obstructions.
  • Advanced Anti-Glare: Drive without distractions, thanks to our screen protector’s anti-glare properties, optimized for both day and night conditions.
  • Uninterrupted Touch Experience: Retain the natural touch sensitivity of your screen, ensuring smooth access to all features and functions.
  • Dependable Protection: Fight off daily wear and tear, fingerprints, and accidental scratches, maintaining your BYD's infotainment screen's pristine appearance.

Choose Your BYD Model:

Whether you're at the helm of the electric BYD e6 or the spacious BYD Song, our collection caters to every model. Navigate below to find the ideal screen protector for your BYD.

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Installation and Care:

Every purchase is complemented by an easy-to-use installation kit and a step-by-step guide. For any assistance or inquiries, our dedicated customer service team is always eager to help.

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