Mercedes-Benz, a pinnacle of automotive luxury and innovation, is synonymous with unparalleled driving experiences and cutting-edge technology. Enhancing this legacy, Caiden Guard introduces its premium range of screen protectors, specifically crafted for Mercedes' opulent infotainment systems. Embodying the same excellence and sophistication as Mercedes, our screen guards ensure every journey is accompanied by stunning visuals and an impeccable touch response.


  • Perfected for Mercedes: With precision engineering, our protectors harmonize flawlessly with every Mercedes model, ensuring a fit as seamless as the cars themselves.
  • Impeccable Display Clarity: Engage with Mercedes' rich infotainment interface, enriched by our protector's unparalleled clarity and vibrancy.
  • Glare-Free Elegance: Enjoy distraction-free interactions, as our protectors are adept at reducing glare, whether under the midday sun or city night lights.
  • Silky-Smooth Touch: Designed to maintain the infotainment screen's native touch sensitivity, ensuring every swipe and tap is as fluid as the ride itself.
  • Premium Protection: Revel in the peace of mind, as our guards resist scratches, smudges, and the trials of daily use, befitting the Mercedes ethos.

Choose Your Mercedes Model:

From the majestic Mercedes S-Class to the sporty Mercedes A-Class, our collection is tailored to the diverse Mercedes lineup. Delve below to discover the optimal protective match for your infotainment system.

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Installation and Expert Support:

Each Caiden Guard screen protector arrives with a comprehensive installation kit and clear instructions, ensuring a hassle-free application. For any inquiries or assistance, our responsive customer support remains at your beck and call.