Ford's legacy of innovation and resilience demands only the best when it comes to preserving the driving experience. Step into the world of Caiden Guard, where we present meticulously crafted screen protectors for Ford's cutting-edge infotainment systems. Harmonizing with Ford's commitment to durability and performance, our range guarantees clarity, touch sensitivity, and top-tier protection for every journey.


  • Ford-Specific Design: Our protectors are precision-engineered to match individual Ford models, promising an immaculate fit and effortless installation.
  • Vivid Display Assurance: Revel in the vibrant visuals of your Ford's infotainment system, unhindered and with perfect clarity.
  • Glare-Reduction Technology: No matter the time of day, ensure optimal visibility with our screen protectors' anti-glare properties.
  • Smooth Touch Experience: Navigate and control with ease, as our protectors maintain the touch responsiveness of your Ford's native screen.
  • Enduring Protection: Say goodbye to unsightly smudges, scratches, and fingerprints, ensuring your infotainment system remains in showroom condition.

Select Your Ford Model:

From the robust Ford F-150 to the dynamic Ford Mustang, our collection spans across Ford's diverse lineup. Identify your model below to find the ideal screen protector.

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Installation and Care:

Every Caiden Guard screen protector is paired with an intuitive installation kit and a comprehensive guide. Should any questions arise, our responsive customer support team is ready to assist.