Kia, renowned for its sleek designs and innovative tech integrations, effortlessly brings the future to the present. Caiden Guard rises to the occasion, offering screen protectors meticulously designed for Kia's vibrant infotainment systems. By marrying Kia's forward-thinking technology with optimal protection, our screen guards provide an unobstructed, crisp view and touch experience for every drive.


  • Customized for Kia: Every protector is precision-engineered to blend seamlessly with individual Kia models, ensuring a flawless fit and a cohesive appearance.
  • Crystal Clear Displays: Dive into the vibrant world of Kia's infotainment with unmatched clarity, ensuring every detail stands out brilliantly.
  • Drive with Reduced Glare: Our screen guards are designed to diminish glare, ensuring that your infotainment visuals remain clear and visible regardless of the surrounding light conditions.
  • Touch with Precision: Navigate and control your Kia's infotainment effortlessly, as our protectors retain the screen's authentic touch responsiveness.
  • Guarded Adventures: Provide your Kia's infotainment system with a shield against fingerprints, smudges, and scratches, maintaining its pristine appearance.

Choose Your Kia Model:

From the urban-friendly Kia Soul to the spacious Kia Telluride, our collection caters to every Kia enthusiast. Select your model below to find the perfect companion for your infotainment system.

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Installation and Support:

Every Caiden Guard screen protector arrives with a user-friendly installation kit and a comprehensive guide. Should you need further assistance or have questions, our responsive customer service is here to help.