Tata Motors, an emblem of Indian ingenuity and automotive evolution, consistently rolls out vehicles marked by resilience, innovation, and class. To augment the grandeur and technological excellence of Tata's in-car systems, Caiden Guard proudly unveils its distinguished line of screen protectors, tailored flawlessly for Tata's multifaceted infotainment systems. True to Tata's spirit of trust and quality, our screen guards ensure drivers and passengers can indulge in an impeccable visual and tactile experience during every journey.


  • Designed for Tata Precision: Honouring Tata's detailed engineering, our protectors resonate with precision, granting a perfect fit across the brand's extensive model range.
  • Crystal-Clear Display: Dive into Tata's vivid infotainment visuals, enhanced by our screen protector's unrivalled clarity and crispness.
  • Efficient Glare Combat: Be it sunlit highways or moonlit streets, our screen guards adeptly curb glare, offering undisturbed visibility every time.
  • Intact Touch Sensitivity: Engage with Tata's intuitive interface without compromise, thanks to our guard's impeccable touch response.
  • Shielded for the Long Haul: Fortify your infotainment system against inadvertent scratches, smudges, and daily wear, echoing the enduring spirit of Tata.

Select Your Tata Model:

From the agile Tata Nexon to the majestic Tata Harrier, our assortment encompasses the breadth of Tata's dynamic fleet. Navigate below to discover the protective partner your infotainment screen awaits.

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Installation and Unwavering Support:

To make your Caiden Guard screen protector application straightforward, each package comes equipped with an easy-to-follow installation kit. If questions or needs arise, know that our devoted customer support stands ready to serve.