Maruti, a beacon of reliability and innovation in the Indian automotive landscape, seamlessly combines practicality with advanced in-car technology. To enhance this user experience, Caiden Guard proudly presents screen protectors custom-fitted for Maruti's diverse range of infotainment systems. Echoing Maruti's commitment to quality, our screen guards ensure every drive is complemented by pristine displays and touch interfaces free from distractions.


  • Exclusively for Maruti: Our protectors are meticulously crafted for each Maruti model, promising an impeccable fit and a harmonized look.
  • Brilliant Display Clarity: Dive into Maruti's infotainment universe with unparalleled clarity, ensuring each pixel shines through brilliantly.
  • Drive without Glare: Designed to counteract glare, our screen guards let you engage with your infotainment system, irrespective of harsh sun or bright city lights.
  • Effortless Interaction: With Caiden Guard, your touch experience remains fluid and precise, akin to Maruti's seamless driving dynamics.
  • Resilient Shield: Trust in our guards to fend off scratches, fingerprints, and daily wear, mirroring Maruti's enduring spirit on every road.

Select Your Maruti Model:

From the ever-popular Maruti Alto to the elegant Maruti Ciaz, we cater to every Maruti aficionado. Browse below to secure the perfect guard for your infotainment display.

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Installation and Guidance:

Each Caiden Guard screen protector is accompanied by an intuitive installation kit and clear instructions, simplifying the process. For any further assistance or queries, our dedicated team is just a message away.