Toyota, a global beacon of automotive reliability and advanced engineering, offers vehicles characterized by their longevity, performance, and forward-thinking tech. Caiden Guard, aligning with Toyota's commitment to deliver unparalleled in-car experiences, introduces its premium line of screen protectors, meticulously designed for Toyota's state-of-the-art infotainment systems. Reflecting Toyota's ethos of excellence and endurance, our screen guards promise Toyota aficionados a pristine and protective interface for all their adventures.


  • Tailored for Toyota: With careful attention to Toyota's design philosophy, our screen protectors are sculpted to fit harmoniously across the brand's vast model lineup.
  • Unmarred Display Experience: Revel in Toyota's dynamic infotainment visuals, magnified by our screen protector's superior clarity and sharpness.
  • Conquer the Glare: Whether traversing sun-soaked routes or moonlit boulevards, our screen guards proficiently negate glare, ensuring unfaltering visibility at all times.
  • True Touch Fidelity: Engage with Toyota's advanced infotainment functions without a hitch, courtesy of our protector's genuine touch sensitivity.
  • Enduring Screen Defense: Offer your infotainment system the shield it deserves, guarding against scratches, smears, and daily wear, resonating with the durability Toyota is famed for.

Pick Your Toyota Model:

From the urbanite's favorite, Toyota Corolla, to the rugged Toyota Land Cruiser, our collection is comprehensive, catering to every Toyota enthusiast. Browse below to find the bespoke protector your in-car companion merits.

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Installation and Dedicated Support:

To simplify your Caiden Guard screen protector attachment, each set includes an all-inclusive installation kit and user-friendly guidelines. For inquiries or assistance, our unwavering customer service team is always at your beck and call.