Renault, embodying European flair and innovative craftsmanship, consistently delivers vehicles that are a harmonious blend of design, functionality, and technological excellence. Recognizing the brand's commitment to delivering premium in-car experiences, Caiden Guard introduces its expertly curated range of screen protectors, exclusively designed for Renault's sophisticated infotainment systems. Aligning with Renault's ethos of quality and innovation, our screen guards ensure that drivers and passengers enjoy a flawless visual and interactive experience on every journey.


  • Custom-Made for Renault: Embracing Renault's unique design spirit, our protectors are precisely crafted to fit every curve and corner of the brand's diverse infotainment offerings.
  • Superior Display Clarity: Engage with Renault's intuitive infotainment interface with enhanced clarity, ensuring vibrant visuals at all times.
  • Optimal Glare Reduction: Regardless of the driving conditions, our screen guards effectively minimize glare, ensuring consistent visibility and reduced eye strain.
  • Natural Touch Sensitivity: Experience Renault's infotainment system with an unaltered touch response, ensuring every interaction remains smooth and intuitive.
  • Durable Defense: Armed with resistance against scratches, smudges, and daily rigors, our protectors are a testament to longevity, much like the Renault vehicles themselves.

Select Your Renault Model:

From the dynamic Renault Clio to the spacious Renault Koleos, our screen protector range caters to every Renault enthusiast. Explore below to find the protective counterpart your infotainment system deserves.

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Installation and Support:

Equipped with a comprehensive installation kit and step-by-step guidelines, applying your Caiden Guard screen protector is straightforward and effortless. For any questions or support needs, our dedicated customer service team is eagerly at your disposal.